MasterCard Business Miles & More Luxair

Miles Business
  • A welcome bonus of 10,000 award miles
  • 1,5 award miles for each euro spent with your MasterCard Blue Miles & More Luxair credit card
  • Earn miles twice: with Luxair flights* and other Miles & More partners by presenting the Miles & More service card and for paying with the credit card
  • Attractive insurance coverage is included
  • And much more**


The new MasterCard Business Miles & More Luxair from BCEE combines the advantages of a globally recognised credit card with the exclusive services offered by Europe’s largest frequent flyer programme. As a result, it provides you with effective added value every time you use it to pay for your professional expenditures.

Whether it be business trips, filling up the company car, hotel accommodations, business dinners or any other expenditures made for business purposes – every time that you or your employees use the new MasterCard Business Miles & More Luxair that is linked to your business account, the cardholder will earn 1.5 award miles at the end of the month for each euro spent on the card.**

Collect miles twice over – and not only when you fly

Particularly practical: when you pay for flights*, rental cars and hotel accommodations from Miles & More partners with your new MasterCard Business Miles & More Luxair, you will earn double award miles: automatically when you pay using your credit card, and then again when you present your Miles & More service card at the airport check-in. That means you will earn award miles even more quickly!

An additional Bonus : Your award Miles will not expire

A special bonus with the new MasterCard Business Miles & More Luxair: All of the award miles you earn using your card will remain valid even after 36 months, as long as you have held a MasterCard Business Miles & More Luxair card for at least three months and use it for at least one miles-eligible transaction per month that is neither exchanged nor refunded. If one of these conditions is not met, the expiration of the award miles is reactivated, and your miles will once again expire in accordance with the Miles & More terms and conditions of participation. Frequent Travellers, Senators and HON Circle Members are not subject to the expiration of their award miles.****


There are a whole range of attractive Miles & More benefits: flight and upgrade rewards, hotel accommodations, journeys, lifestyle products, consumer electronics, concerts, subscriptions – you can even help others.

You can find an overview of the entire range of Miles & More rewards and easily view your accrued miles balance at

Apply NOW!

Our SME consultants and staff in all 75 BCEE branches will be happy to help you with your application for the MasterCard Business Miles & More Luxair for your business account. In order to take full advantage of all the benefits offered by the new MasterCard Business Miles & More Luxair, all of the users must be registered privately to participate in the Miles & More programme. BCEE can take over this registration for you when the MasterCard Business Miles & More Luxair is ordered, or your employees can register quickly and easily at

Also worthwhile outside work.

You can also apply for a MasterCard Miles & More Luxair Gold or Blue for your private expenditures – allowing you to earn your award miles even more quickly. The following applies for these cards: 1 € spent on the card = 1 award mile.**

Sign up now and enjoy a host of benefits!

MasterCard Business Miles & More Luxair***
Award milesWelcome bonus10,000 award Miles
Award miles**1 € spent on the card = 1,5 award Mile
Award mile validitySuspension of award mile expiration****
Luxair benefitsWelcome voucher for your next Luxair flight*Value : up to €250
An additional baggage allowance of 20 kg on Luxair flights*
2nd carry-on bag is free on Luxair flights*
A golf bag can be shipped free of charge on Luxair flights*
Free access to the LuxAirport lounge*5 free admissions
Access to the LuxAirport lounge at a preferential price*€20 per person
Access to e-services
Insurance coverageFraud protection 24/7Covers damages arising from card misuse (€150 deductible)
Travel accident insurance250 000 €
Travel cancellation insurance€3,000/person/trip ; €10,000/year
Flight delay insurance for delays > 4 hours500 €
Extension of stay insurance for flight delays > 24 hours1000 €
Delayed baggage insurance500 €
Baggage theft/loss insurance500 €
Insurance for missing a flight350 €
Assistance ServiceCustomer service 24/7
Emergency card replacement
Emergency cash advance
Personal travel insurance through Europ Assistance
Bank benefitsCredit limit on the card (can be modified upon request)€5,000/month
Credit card is accepted at MasterCard terminals worldwide
Cash can be withdrawn from cash points/ATMs with the MasterCard logo worldwide
Card transactions can be viewed online using S-net (as long as the card is tied to an account that is accessible via the cardholder’s S-net agreement)
Annual fee per card115 €

* Does not include LuxairTours flights or journeys – please refer to the General Terms and Conditions of Sale
** With the exception of cash withdrawals and purchases that are cancelled or refunded
*** Subject to a credit check
**** The conditions for suspending the expiration of award miles can be viewed at: